Occupational Therapy

Providing Complete Patient Care

At Advanced Physical Therapy, we strive to provide the utmost quality care. Read more to learn about the process

Often when patients arrive in our office, they have already seen several medical professionals, spent hours in waiting rooms only to spend minutes, at most, with the practitioner. Often this becomes frustrating as patients feel neglected. Those who have attended Physical therapy can attest that it is drastically different from most medical professions.

Treatment starts with a detailed patient history and physical evaluation. During this time, we take care to listen to our patients to find out why they are coming to physical therapy and what they hope to get out of treatment. Physical therapy is a joint effort by the therapist to set the patient up for success. Most visits last 45 minutes to an hour. We use the time to build a relationship with our patients and get to know them as outside of their injury.

Treatment plans can frequently change to meet the individual needs of our patients. As a company, we encourage ongoing communication through phone calls, email, or our online exercise software which is available to every single patient. Often physical therapy treatment can last for weeks to months depending on the severity of the injury and the patient’s goals. As a therapist, I experience the highs and lows of my patient’s treatments on their road to recovery. We often treat more than just physical injuries as there are often physiological components to overcome during treatment.

Physical therapy should be more than just someone telling you to do exercises and counting how many reps you perform. We seek to give all our patients the treatment they deserve that will help them return to their normal lives.

Content provided by Dr. Evan Reinert, PT, DPT