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Physical Therapist

The mission of each employee is to enhance the overall physical health, fitness, and quality of life of individuals by treating them with the highest quality, comprehensive and individualized therapy services possible. The overall responsibility of a therapist is to provide the highest quality of care available to help patients experience therapy above what they are accustomed to. Therapists are expected to maintain a patient first focus and strive to create patients for life, ensuring they receive the best quality service from start to finish. Above all, therapists are responsible for demonstrating our core values of quality, service, and relationships and applying principles of excellence, caring, ethics, respect, and communication.



  1. Evaluation/Re-Evaluation
    1. Physical Assessment- evaluate mobility, strength and functional movement
    2. Diagnosis and development of a plan of care
    3. Short term and long-term goals
    4. Address patients concerns
    5. Implement a schedule for treatment personalized to the patient
  2. Treatment
    1. Manual therapy and nonmanual exercises
    2. Education on proper technique and home exercise programs
    3. Modalities- ultrasound, electric stimulation, traction, vasopneumatic
  3. Discharge Planning
    1. Consult with primary care physician
    2. Continuation of home exercise program
    3. Recommend or provide assistive equipment
  4. Follow Up
    1. Contact patient after completion of therapy
    2. Reference for future questions or concerns

ROLE #2: BILLING (30%)


  1. ICD-10 & CPT CODES
    1. Properly billing units and procedures for reimbursement
    2. Support procedure code selection
    3. Determine if a cosigner for insurance is required
    4. Respond in a timely manner to billing department tasks
  2. Insurance Education
    1. What is covered/not covered
    2. Maximum amounts for codes/units billed
  3. Patient Records
    1. Maintain up to date and accurate notes
    2. Comply with HIPAA regulations



  1. Continuing Education Courses
    1. Keep licensure up to date
    2. Attend educational workshops
    3. Ability to learn a wide range of therapy techniques
  2. Research & Marketing
    1. Community Events
    2. College and universities
    3. Compensation practices

Total of all roles = 100%


  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Valid licensure of practice in the state of Kansas/Missouri
  • Great interpersonal skills and ability to display a high standard of professionalism daily
  • Ability to work as a team and put patients’ needs first

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Kansas City Area PRN

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