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Pain As A Protection System

Did you know that pain is actually a protective mechanism? Pain is important for keeping our bodies safe. It notifies us that an event has occurred that may be damaging to our tissues so that we can make necessary changes to prevent harm. Not all pain is bad!

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October 2020 Newsletter

Keep up with Advanced and Preferred Physical Therapy!

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Physical Therapy After Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month.  It is usually the time of the year where we schedule mammograms, wear pink, and get on board to do all we can to help out our fellow sister, neighbor, friend, mom, or wife who is undergoing breast cancer.

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Pediatric Therapy: W-Sitting

W-Sitting: What is it?

As pediatric therapists, we often disguise therapy as playtime. We also promote playtime and educate parents on its importance. One thing we screen for while a child is playing is W sitting.

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